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Teedy Scented Candles


Hi, I’m Tuttie, Owner of Teedy Scented Candles. I finally made my dream of making quality scented candles happen after putting my hope to make scented candles on hold for 22 years. In December of 2022, I gifted myself a candle making kit. In January of 2023, I began making scented candles with the kit and gave them out to family, friends and coworkers for feedback. I got great reviews and some constructive suggestions for improvements. I made the necessary improvements; however, I still was not fully satisfied with my scented candles. In February of 2023, I took a candle making course and earned a certificate of achievement at the level of Advanced CT/HT Candlemaker. To date, I have personally handmade over 500 scented candles, as well as handmade gift baskets featuring my handmade scented candles and handmade scented melts getting positive after positive reviews.  Stay tuned...more candle sizes and styles coming soon and I am excited to announce my up-and-coming Luxury Scented Candle line. As my clients say – my candles don’t disappoint and they smell Ah-mazing!!!


Candles inspired for your senses to display throughout your home or office.



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